wish list
everyday rescues all over the country need supplies. They are helping birds and other animals others gave away, abused, found etc. Can you help? If you aren't close to a rescue, maybe you could mail them some supplies.  Anything helps...
here is what our tweets and other animals could use......................
new, unused toys

cages in REALLY good condition (no rust, broken bars etc.

carry cages- for transportation

perches, swings playgrounds

baby blankets (no tears)

clean sheets (no rips or frays)

discount coupons for dog, cat and bird food

cat and dog beds

just ask.... you never know if something you have might be useful...

If you have items you would like to donate (and we THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !!!) please email us and we will give you info on how we can meet up. We are currently on Long Island NY but make trips to Upstate NY (Albany Area)... THANKS !!