tesekkür ederim 
  do jeh  
 xie xie 
 terima kasih 
 kamsa hamnida 
salamat po 
 kawp-kun krap/ka' 
To Knapp-Time Rescue. During the winter of 2006/2007 a Nor' Easter was heading our way... the WONDERFUL folks at Knapp-Time called to see if we needed anything. Nell and  Larry said they were prepared to jump in the motor home/rescue vehicle and head east to HTH with any supplies needed. HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT?? THANKS KNAPP TIME !!!
to my family. Especially to my mom and dad who allowed me to start HomeTweetHome. It is because of their love for us children and their love of animals that taught us what love was all about........... 
thank you mom and dad, we miss you each day. 

our friends from the FeatheredFids group who have donated to HTH and have supported us along the way. They are always there to help whenever we need them. A wonderful group of "fid" loving people...... THANK YOU for being there for us. 
to the Parrot Club for your donation of food and treats. While we couldn't use most of it, we are donating it to a rescue that can 
(The New York Hamster House). The treats were wonderful and the birds love them. 
To Sue, who rescued Pixel from the streets of Astoria Queens. Pixel's owners have not claimed him and he is re-cooping here at HTH. THANK YOU SUE !!! You give us hope that there are kind, caring people in the world. And thank you for your donation. Pixel is doing great. He is perching and eating up a storm !! 2007 Winter Update- Pixel recovered COMPLETELY and is doing wonderfully. He is a super whistler and is getting a new bird friend- a Tiel named Fluff who needed a home !! Thanks again Sue